Children of the Crow

A Dance-Theatre Workshop

Children of the Crow is a Dance-Theatre workshop designed by Choreographers Emmanuelle Calvé and Lara Kramer. Rooted in dance and theatre, this project aims to bring the experience of creation through the exploration in nature to children and youth in communities in Ontario and Quebec.

History of Crow

The persona of the crow comes from Emmanuelle Calvé’s creation Peau d’Or, sors de l’Ombre, (2010 & 2011). Inspired by the simplicity and magic of the crow, Calve & Kramer are interested in how accessible the persona of the crow is for everyone.

Collaborators : Emmanuelle Calvé & Lara Kramer

Information on programing through La culture à l’école : link

Calendar :

May 23rd 2013, Workshop École Saint-André-Apôtre, Montreal
October 11th - 17th 2011, Saguenay, QC - Self-directed residency
November - January 2012, Montreal, QC - Residency at the Gesû, Centre de Créativité
April 1st - 8th 2012, Banff, Alberta – Self-directed residency at The Banff Centre

Supported by:

Photo Copywright Natelie Calvé 2011