Lara Kramer’s technique classes incorporate dynamic floor to standing work influenced by release techniques. Her creation and improvisation classes are inspired by her movement vocabulary and her exploration of emotional and spiritual connections found within her choreographic research.

Kramer has conducted creation workshops at the Vancouver Dance Centre as part of the Talking Sticks Festival (2010 & 2013). In her workshops, participants engage in a creative process similar to that used in the creation of Fragments and “Native Girl Syndrome”. The workshops explore some of the partnering tools used in the creative process to foster the dynamics of each individual and human connection. Lara also works with storytelling as a creative tool to engage in the various emotional states of her creations.

Kramer had the opportunity to teach technique and improvisation classes at the Banff Centre for the Indigenous Dance Residency Summer Program (2011). Additionally she choreographed short works for the emerging dancers of the program.

Since 2006 Lara Kramer has been teaching body work. She received her Pilates Certification in 2007 with Stott Pilates in Montreal. Continually influenced by her training in dance, Lara’s classes aim to inform and create curiosity about the health and well-being of the body.

“My experience working with Lara Kramer and her team was greatly inspiring. To be able through movement explore deep intense subjects is eye opening and for me created a pathway to generate honest organic work. It opens the door to being able to share our stories, history and experiences. Thank you for such an amazing workshop”~Nyla Carpentier