NGS ("Native Girl Syndrome")


Duration: 1hr

Lara Kramer’s new creation NGS ("Native Girl Syndrome") dives into street culture, as enacted in a raw theatrical performance by Karina Iraola and Angie Cheng. Their drug filled, disassociated personas take the audience on a dynamic journey of addiction, loss and alienation.      

NGS ("Native Girl Syndrome") is inspired by the experience of Kramer's own grandmother of having migrated from a remote First Nations community into an unfamiliar urban environment as a young woman. The piece explores the effects of cultural disorientation, assimulation and the self-destructive behaviour she endured.

Artistic Director & Choreographer: Lara Kramer
Interpreters and collaborators: Karian Iraola & Angie Cheng 
Creative process member: Patricia Iraola & Cris Derksen
Rehearsal Director: Maria Simone
Mentor: David Pressault
Outside eyes: Shawn Caldwell
Technical Director & Lighting Design: Paul Chambers
Music: Link Wray, The Dirtbombs, Robert Gordon & The Guess Who
Musical Arrangement by: Lara Kramer & Scott Russell
Costumes & Set-Design: Lara Kramer

Lara Kramer Danse is supported by:

Cultural Programme of Action of the Cirque du Soleil

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