of good moral character

Duration: 1hr
Presented at the MAI (Montreal arts intercultural)

November 3-6 2011

Lara Kramer's artistic approach explores the strength and resilience of the human spirit. Kramer gives free rein to the silent, unspoken emotions in her creative process. In of good moral character the aboriginal choregrapher explores the private places of the home, examining the intimacy of domestic relationships with themes such as obsession, instability, isolation and violence. Whether dancing solo or in duet with the ever astonishing Lael Stellick, this work is an articulation of sensuality, vulnerability and explosive rage. Together the two dancers explore the tension between the need for self expression within the constraints of the conventional home, showing the intensity of the relationship and the isolation that sometimes results from them.

Artistic Director & Choreographer: Lara Kramer
Interpreters: Lara Kramer & Lael Stellick
Rehearsal Director: Maria Simone
Technical Director & Lighting Design: Amélie Bourbonnais
Music by: Pierre-Luc Clément & Cris Derksen
Musical arrangments by: Lara Kramer & Scott Russell
Costumes: Noémi Poulin
Set-design: Robert Pharand

For this creation Lara Kramer was granted a Mentorship Project with Catherine Tardiff and Circuit-Est 2010/11 , as well as a Creation Residency with Usine C and the MAI (Montreal arts intercultural).

Lara Kramer’s work is supported by:

Photo Copywright Ben Phillippi 2011