We enter into a chaotic landscape. Filled with ambiguity, off-beat humour and colourful perversion. Searching boundaries and desires, restraints and fears pertaining to freedom of expression, this new creation explores instinctual reactions within a universe of personalized confinement.  Floating through various states, the unorthodox characters navigate through and indulge in their psychosis. A voyeuristic journey for the viewer.

With support of Canada Council for the Arts + Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec
Creative residencies Circuit-Est centre chorégraphique + Studio Flak + MAI (Montréal, arts Interculturels)
Lara Kramer, through the MAI’s mentorship program, has benefited from financial support from the Le ministère de la Culture et des Communications du Québec and the Ville de Montréal under the agreement on the cultural development of Montreal 2012 / 2015. Also thanks to David Pressault, Thierry Hvard, Clara Furey, Robert Zbikowski and Stefan Petersen.

Premiered at Tangente, Montreal on October 28th 2015

60 minutes
Lara Kramer
Conceived, Choreography, set, sound and costume desgin
Lara Kramer
Created with and performed with
Karina Iraola, Angie Cheng + Amélie Rajotte
Creative process member
Lucie Vigneault
Technical Director & Lighting Designer
Paul Chambers
Musical arrangements
Lara Kramer


A voyeuristic journey for the viewer.

“TAME was exciting in the way characterization and media such as props and music were used to discover different experiences of individuals and the space they inhabit. Subtle movements and sounds were juxtaposed with dazzling and bizarre displays of energy to create an enchanting and provocative experience.” – by Evelyn Goessling, The McGill Tribune, November 3, 2015

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