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Radio Interviews : Radio Centre-Ville, Radio Ville Marie, CBC, CKUT, No More Radio, CHOQ.FM, I Don't Get It: Season 1 Episode 15, CHUO,


Talking Stick Festival Special on the Express Feb.4, 2011 part 2
With Erin Shaw
Shaw TV, Feb 4 2011

Festival Vue sur la Relève
With Danielle Rochette
APTN Nouvelles Nationales, April 14 2010

VICE DU JOUR, March 11 2016

With Kevin Bazinet
CTV News Montreal, March 11 2016

Written Press

Weesageechak Begins to Dance 28: Annual Festival Indigenous Works Toronto, Tame, Lara Kramer
By Fabien Maltais-Bavda
ESSE, 2016
Tame: In a world of their own
By Evelyn Goessling
McGill Daily, November 3 2015
Calm Amid the Chaos
By Victoria Mohr-Blakeney
The Dance Current, October 17 2015
Expanse brings challenging, powerful dance to Edmonton
By Fawnda Mithbrush
Vue Weekly, March 11 2015
Grandmother's stories become powerful Native Girl Syndrome
By Salena Kitteringham
Edmonton Journal, March 10 2015
Dance your pain out
By Maude Abouche
This Magizine, December 9 2014
Dancing on the Edge festival shines a light on family history
By Janet Smith
The Georgia Straight, July 2 2014
NGS makes B.C. premiere at 2014 Dancing on the Edge Festival
By Benjamin Yong
Hello Vancity, July 8 2014
Native Girl Syndrome pushes it's audience into the shattering stories of the streets
By Anastaia Scherder
The Source, June 24 2014
NGS ("Native Girl Syndrome")
By Philip Szporer
The Dance Current, December 12 2013
NGS-Lara Kramer et sa Boussole Fêlée
By Emie Morin
Les Méconnus, November 11 2013
Dancing on the Edge: a trio of thought-provoking works
By Paula Citron
Globe and Mail, July 8 2013
Danse - Drame de couple autour d'une baignoire
By Frédérique Doyon
Le Devoir, November 4 2011

Reaching Out & Reaching In
By Elysha Del Giusto-Enos
The Link, November 1 2011

Talking Sticks Festival's Fragments grew out of survivors' stories
By Tony Montague
The Georgia Straight, January 25 2011

New voices in indigenous dance: Performance series explores
First Nations identities around the globe

By Seble Gameda
The McGill Daily, April 8 2010

Emerging Aboriginals
By Marites Carino
Montreal Mirror, March 25 - 31 2010

Imagine native nation
By Melora Koepke
Hour, June 11 - 17 2009

Gathering Worldwide: The annual First Peoples’ Festival offers a wide
and international variety of events but problems in Canada aren’t ignored

By Roxane Hudon
Montreal Mirror, June 11 - 17 2009

Présence autochtone revient en ville … à sa juste place
By Daniel Lemay
La Presse, May 28 2009

Présence autochtone reprend l’affiche avec moins d’aide du fédéral
By Caroline Montpetit
Le Devoir, May 28 2009

Historical Movement
By Prescott James
Central Plains Herald Leader, March 28 2009

Artist to research Portage Residential School
By Rob Swystun
Central Plains Herald Leader, March 14 2009

International Press


Montreal recuerda marginación educativa de Autóctonos
By Leopoldo Soto
El Diario, Rumbo de México, El Corregidor de Querétaro, El Reloj de Hidalgo,
Estado – El Diario Deportivo de México, June 17 009


Who is Lara Kramer?
By Coman Poon
Coman Poon, April 11 2016
Native Girl Syndrome: Ces femmes autochtones qui vivent dans un tas de poubelles
By Julie Rainville
Ton Petit Look, April 3 2016
Natvie Girl Syndrome
By Raphaelle Occhietti
The Art & Opera Review, March 17 2016
Sur mes pas imprévus en danse "Native Girl Syndrome"
By Robert St-amour
Sur les pas du spectateur, March 15 2016
Par les yeux
By Sébatien Dulude
Spirale, March 142016
Native Girl Syndrome: Échos du Passé
By Marie Villeneuve
Voir, March 11 2016
Sur les traces de l'itinérance autochtone
By Caroline Montpetit
Le Devoir, March 9 2016
Portrait: Lara Kramer
By Sylvain Verstricht
Local Gestures, March 8 2016
Sur mes pas danse hors sentier avec Lara Kramer
By Robert St-amour
Sur les pas du spectateur, March 2 2016
"Syndrome" comme résistance: entrevue avec Karina Iraola pour "Native Girl Syndrome"
By Oliver Dumas
L'Esapce Mon Theatre, March 1 2016 
Par le trou de la serrure
By Nayla Naoufal
Le Devoir, January 6 2016
Il Y Aura Rupture
By Justine Parisien-Dumais
DFDanse, November 2 2015
Waiting of a Light(er)
By Sylvain Verstricht
Local Gestures, November 29 2015
Expérience de Confinement
By Melanie Boisliveau
DFDanse, October 26 2015
Lara Kramer on the performance "Native Girl Syndrome", dance, addiction and Rez schools
By Charlenee Sayo, July 31 2014
Lara Kramer: Culture de la Rue
By Christian Saint-Pierre
Jeu Reveu de Théâtre, May 28 2014
By Angela MacKenzie, January 10 2014
NGS ("Native Girl Syndrome")
By Philip Szporer
The Dance Current, December 12 2013
L'Amour Passe Par Vider Ses Poubelles
By Justine Parisien-Dumais
DFDANSE, November 11 2013
A Beautiful Act of Falling Apart
By Chad Dembski
The Charlebois Post - Canada, November 8 2013
La Volte-Face de Lara Kramer
By Tangente - Laboratoire de mouvements contemporains
Le Voir, November 6 2013
Le Retour de Lara Kramer
By Nathalie de Han
DFDANSE, November 4 2013

Aboriginal Arts, Lara Kramer
By The Banff Centre
The Banff Centre, November 16 2011

Lara Kramer: Dancing with Memory
By Ann Diamond
Reading Montreal, May 27 2011

Lara Kramer: of good moral character
By The Dance Current, March 2011

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Fragments – Danse – Lara Kramer, April 2010

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