This Time Will be Different


Duration:50 mins


The performance-based installation This time will be different (TTWBD) denounces Canadian government discourse on Indigenous people and takes a critical look at the “national reconciliation industry.” From one inquiry to the next, from the Royal Commission on Aboriginal Peoples to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, has anything really changed in the relationship between the Government of Canada and Indigenous Peoples?

This installation and accompanying performance are the creation of interdisciplinary artists Emilie Monnet and performer and choreographer Lara Kramer. Canadian critics have heaped high praise on Kramer’s articulate and outspoken works, among them, Native Girl Syndrome, which drew an uncompromising picture of itinerant aboriginal women. Founder of Onishka Productions, Emilie Monnet creates performances and installations in tandem with indigenous artists from communities around the globe.                                                             

An Installation Performance

Artistic Direction and Conception: Lara Kramer (Oji-Cree) +Emilie Monnet (Anishinabe-Algonquine)               Produced by Onishka Productions + Lara Kramer Danse 

Premier at the MAI (Montreal arts, intercculturel) January 20th & 21st 2017
Performance:  Jayden and Joy Blacksmith, Lara Kramer, Gleena Matoush and Emilie Monnet
Outside Eye:  Glenna Matoush
Sound recording, mixing and conception:  Stefan Christoff
Photo credit:  Adrian Morillo


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