My name is Lara Kramer, I am a choreographer and multidisciplinary artist of mixed Oji-Cree and settler heritage.

I work with what is in my gut, a hollowing feeling in my gut. I fill what has been empty, I fill it with sound. Raw sounds of movement, breath, sweat and warmth. It is within my artistic process that I have further connected to my Aboriginal roots. I work with storytelling within my creative process as a way of exploring how the mapping of stories from my family’s history resonates in the body and how it can be transferred symbolically in my work connecting the past, present and future.


I want to continue to touch the invisible and be fuelled by my dreams within my creative process, as it feeds and anchors me, connecting me to the spirit world. I am strongly impacted by my experience and connection to my blood land, where my ancestors are from. Spending time in the north resonates in my creative process, it carves images, evokes sensations and strong desires to share the vitality of my history.