Fragments is a Contemporary Dance piece which was first inspired by my mother’s stories of the Indian Residential Schools in Canada. It gives voice to the many stories I’ve heard throughout my life and conveys a personal interpretation of the Indian Residential Schools.

Fragments expresses, in a poetic form, the silent emotions and experiences of the young girls who attended the schools. It is not an attempt to retell any one story, but rather to process the knowledge of these schools. The project aims to build a dialogue around a history too often ignored.

Co-presented with Le Gesù and the First Peoples Festival
With the support of Canada Council for the Arts
Creative residency Indian Residential School Museum in Portage la Prairie, Le Gesù

Premiered at Le Gesù, Montreal on June 11th 2009

60 minutes
Conceived and choreography
Lara Kramer
Created with and performed by
Tal Minnie Aronson, Gabrielle Desgagnés, Lara Kramer + Melina Stinson
Delbet Joseph Sampson + Jean Stevenson
Rehearsal director
Maria Simone
Lighting design
Amélie Bourbonnais
Robert Pharand
Noémi Poulin
Musical arrangement
Lara Kramer + Scott Russell
Text compiled by
Lara Kramer
Ida Baptiste + Jason Boissonneault

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