Cinq questions à Lara Kramer, chorégraphe et danseuse
JEU Revue de théâtre
February 1, 2024

Indigenous mother and daughter team up for ambitious exhibition
By Bill Brownstein
The Montreal Gazette
October 21, 2022

Mother-daughter art exhibit: Weaving broken bonds
By Geneviève Beauchemin
CTV  Nov 22, 2022

Them Voices
By Guylaine Massoutre
SPIRALE May, 2021

L’art comme pouvoir d’agir
By Marie-Paule Grimaldi
SPIRALE June 2, 2019

This Time Will Be Different
MonTheatre June 2019

Parole autochtone
By Guylaine Massoutre
JEU Revue de théâtre June 2, 2019

Plaidoyer artistique pour une véritable réconciliation
By Anne-Marie Yvon
Espace Autochtones May 29, 2019

Passer Aux Actes
DFDANSE May 26, 2019

Windigo : Manger le corps, la terre et le pays
By Catherine Lalonde
Le Devoir, February 2019

By Janet Smith
The Georgia Straight, July 7th 2018
By Mélanie Carpentier
Le Devoir, June 2nd 2018
By Iris Gagnon-Paradisla
La Presse, May 28 2018
By Fabien Maltais-Bayda
ESSE ART & OPINION, Number: 94 2018



Native Girl Syndrome
By Gareth K Vile
The List Aug 12, 2019

The Wee REVIEW Native Girl Syndrome
Aug 6, 2019

The New Current UK Interview with Lara Kramer
July 2019

Indigenous Contemporary Scene – Edinburgh Residency
July 2019

New Zealand

The Unheard Scream:  A Review of Windigo
By Madeleine De Young
The Pantograph Punch, June15, 2019


Performance review Windigo
By Elyssia Bugg
Melbourne Critique May 17, 2019

Windigo: A bleak world
Witness Performance, May 15, 2019

Visceral experience offers a glimmer of light
By Kim Dunphy
The Sydney Haring Herald May 12, 2019

By Augustus Welby
The Music May 11, 2019

Lurking within
Fjord May 10, 2019

By Patricia Di Risio
Stage Whispers May 2019

by Timmah Ball
BLAK CRITICS, May 7th 2017



CBC February 3, 2024 – The Bridge with Nantali Indongo

Radio Interviews: Radio Centre-Ville, Radio Ville Marie, CBC, CKUTNo More RadioCHOQ.FMI Don’t Get It: Season 1 Episode



Talking Stick Festival Special on the Express Feb.4, 2011 part 2
With Erin Shaw
Shaw TV, Feb 4 2011

Festival Vue sur la Relève
With Danielle Rochette
APTN Nouvelles Nationales, April 14 2010

VICE DU JOUR, March 11 2016 

With Kevin Bazinet
CTV News Montreal, March 11 201I



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MonTheatre, June 1st 2018
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Movement, May 31st 2018
By Daphné Balhalon
MonTheatre, May 23rd 2018

Phantom stills & vibrations: Mémoire captive
By Mélanie Carpentier
Jeu Reuve de Theatre, May 12th 2018

Phantom  stills  &  vibrations, An interview with Lara Kramer
By Victoria Mohr-BlakeneyNadine Changfoot
The Dance Current, March 22nd 2018

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Coman Poon, April 11 2016
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Ton Petit Look, April 3 2016
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